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Is a Short Sale Best for You?
If a short sale is your best solution, you need top expertise.  
Short sale deals are tough to pull off and not every agent is prepared for the extra paperwork, the understanding of the process, the tenacity, the negotiation skills, and all the rest it takes to make a short sale happen.  
A short sale may be your best solution . . . to help you move on with your life.  But, only if your agent can get the deal closed.   
Especially if you are a candidate for a short sale, you owe it to yourself to hear why they say "Dettmann means Done!"
Let us help you get on with your life.  Don't waste time wishing things were different.   
We have a Short Sale Expert who can be like your Genie in a Bottle, making your wishes come true.  
When you're under water, you need to stop the pain, make the most of a bad situation, and get your property sold . . .
so you can move on with your life.   You need top expertise.  You are in the best place, right now, on this website.  
Things will start to be better the moment you. . CALL NOW. 

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