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Home Improvement Tips - #1

To Do's for adding ROI

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The first showing of our home will be online. Make it look "picture perfect." Actually, "perfection" is not required, but a clean, uncluttered and well-maintained, appearance is. 

1)    Clean & de-clutter – Make the property look "neutral" enough so buyers can visualize themselves living there. 

2)    Brighten – clean windows, remove curtains that block sun light, add lamps to areas that need more light

3)    Smart staging – bring in accessories, area rugs and plants to enhance the room. (See the staging page)

4)    Landscaping enhancements – create curb appeal and back yard value

5)    Repair and do electrical & plumbing updates, add modern appliances, replace old plug points, and add new electrical outlet covers

6)    Shampoo or replace carpets – remove any odors

 Many sellers think they have to remodel their kitchen or bathroom to get a buyer. Those are very costly jobs. Of course any remodeling company will tell you that you will get your money back, but the reality might be much different. 

 You might ask yourself, how do flippers make money? It seems like there must be a good return for adding improvements. The flippers often gut a place before they sell – and they make a good profit. 

 There's an element of that story that the TV shows don't show – flippers buy at very low rates. They are buying low – fixing – then selling for a higher price.

 Unless your home is trashed and with little value to start out with, the idea of full kitchen and bathroom remodels might not make sense for you. 


Clean & manicure your property, inside and out.  Sweep the drieway and walk ways.  


Pay attention to details. New electrical outlet covers, door knobs, drawer pulls – these don't cost much but create a very clean and new impression.

Landscaping – Add mulch in flower beds, add colored flowers, keep the lawn mowed and edges trimmed.

Clean up the yard - Mowing and trimming hedges can go a long way toward making your yard look livable.  Spruce up as needed to make the best impression for your market. For example, will families be most interested in your home? Make the yard look ready for a play date.  

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