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WHAT NOT TO DO - Home Improvement for ROI #2
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Which home improvements can you expect to get a return on when selling?
Which projects to skip when you want to add value to your home? 
Here are the top five projects to skip:


1) Home office customized book shelves – buyer won't want so spend on the design that works for you.
2) Swimming pool – some people consider a pool a plus, for most, it detracts
3) * Roofing – important, but you won't get ROI roof is a necessity, it wn't contribute value
4) Finished basement – don't make it to your taste, or buyers will see it as a do-over project
5) Wine cellar, or other special custom space – buyer probably won't care about having this, so it doesn't add to value. In the case of a teetotaler, it will detract
* When it comes to the roof, when you are selling your property, if your roof will not pass inspection without repairs, you will need to repair it. But, do not expect that expense to add to the bottom-line price of the property. As we said, buyers expect the roof to be in good repair, the roof is built into the price.  That said, if it needs to be fixed and you do not do the work, it will take away from your selling price!
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