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Many properties may now be purchased at a price far less than their original value.  How? With  a "Short Sale."  
We can do better - with our EXCLUSIVE LIST of PRE-APPROVED SHORT SALES!
What is a Short Sale?  
A short sale is when the lender accepts less than the total amount that is due on the mortgage. As an example, if your mortgage is $100,000, but your home is currently worth $90,000, you are $10,000 short between what you owe on your mortgage and the present market value of your home, not including costs to close the sale such as real estate commissions, recording fees or title and escrow charges.  Sometimes, to avoid going through the costs of foreclosure, a lender will agree to a short sale by letting a new buyer purchase the home for less than the mortgage balance while the home is in the foreclosure process.
How can buying a Short Sale benefit you?
You get to buy more house for less money!  
However, it is a tricky process.  After all, the bank is agreeing to take a loss!  Obviously the agent's negotiation and other skills are key to making Short Sale deals happen.  
With the Dettmann Team on your side, your chances of getting the deal done are simply better!  We work tirelessly to get you the results you want!  

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