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When working on your real estate transaction, at the Dettmann Team, we think doing a “good” job is not “good enough.”  

Perhaps the most significant step to take in selling your home is setting the price right - by conducting a current market analysis. 

A “good” agent conducts a thorough analysis of recent sales data of comparable properties using several Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) tools.  

To deliver “great” results, we do more!  


To deliver “great” results, we do more!

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With 50+ years of combined real estate experience, The Dettmann Team knows that “one size does not fit all.”  Being able to differentiate your property’s value from other properties on the market requires an individualized approach.  We conduct an array of CMA methods that match your investment and your situation.


The Dettmann Team provides their clients with a pricing plan supported with a multiple parameter analysis that includes:


-           Price Branding           

-           Parametric Market Study

-           Multiple Parameter Analysis  

-           Market Trend Analysis  

-           Multiple Criterion Adjustment  

-           Multi-Region Analysis  

-           Full Service Real Estate.

-           Proven Results.

-           No Extra Cost.

The Dettmann Team studies how your neighborhood has performed and continually analyze real-time market changes as we advise you on your property’s value.  


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